Dialog New Media

Services Offered

Marketing and Outreach

DNM utilizes every available platform and outlet to promote clients’ messages and branding to others. These include:

Strategic Consulting

With so many new technologies out there, figuring it all out has never been more confusing. We specialize in helping clients get beyond the hype and use the tech that’s right for them. Given our expertise in all facets of the web, we are ideally positioned to help put together a comprehensive online strategy. We can also help you manage your employees and other vendors to ensure that everyone is moving in the right direction. This is especially important when dealing with technology vendors who may not always understand how to translate your needs into online reality.

Website Creation

The baseline of any successful web strategy is the flagship website. Though the content of the website varies depending on clients’ objectives, Dialog New Media can provide every element of an attractive, complex, engaging website.

From graphic design to website coding to technical support, DNM has the capabilities to manage any website from its initial planning stages through implementation to the day-to-day management and upkeep of a site.

Content and Community

Once the flagship site is up and running, DNM facilitates the creation of the two essential elements of a successful website: content and community. We strive to create a conversation. Digital media drive success by the interactions they create between content providers and consumers. DNM optimizes clients’ relationships with their customers and target audiences.

Multimedia and Animation

Nothing makes digital media stand out more and better than engaging video and animations. Dialog New Media has created tremendously successful video elements for numerous clients, consistently getting tens, even hundreds of thousands of YouTube hits, and generating considerable buzz.

Beyond our experience in the field, DNM also has relationships with top entertainment media professionals.

Business to Business Consulting

Besides working with our own clients, we also help other marketing and public relations firms get the most out of the web and social media for their clients. The PR world is changing drastically in the age of interactive media and firms need to adjust how they service their clients accordingly. We have the ability to add value to any agency’s existing core competencies in this regard, all in a confidential manner.